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Madeleine Marie-Rose

Madeline is a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Microbiology with a Writing minor at Oregon State University. She is a member of the Honors College, interested in science fiction writing and exploring different fields within microbiology. She helped is Christine by processing public microbiome data to use with machine learning algorithms. Outside of class and lab work, she leads OSU's Creative Writing Society and writes speculative fiction novels. She is now working on her honors thesis in Creative Writing.

Priyanka Singla

Priyanka joined Oregon State University in September 2018 as a master's student within the program of microbiology. She is a recipient of the Tartar Family Graduate Fellowship and Joan Countryman Suit Graduate Scholarship. In the lab, she maintains mice colonies, performs mice behavior testing and genotyping. Her expertise lies in culturing eukaryotic cell lines. Currently, she is working on optimizing the isolation and culturing of primary gut sensory cells from mice intestines and vagal neurons from the nodose ganglion. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys cooking and baking. She graduates from her master's winter 2021! Congratulations!

Annabel Martin-Varnum

Annabel graduated from the Bioengineering Program at Oregon State University, and was an undergraduate worker in the lab. She is interested in neuroscience. She took care of the mice colony, performs behavior testings, and worked on the optimization of primary cell cultures and nodose ganglion dissections. She has also been learning electrophysiology at the OSU core facilities. Annabel has been selected to participate in the University of Washington's Center for Neurotechnology Summer REU program this year. When she is not working in the lab you will find her studying with friends, at the gym, or hitting the slopes. She is now a graduate student at Penn State!